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MA In Sociology
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During the two-year duration of the distance MA Sociology course, students have the opportunity to learn about various concepts related to sociology, political sociology, economic sociology, sociology research, and so on.""

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Course Overview


During the two-year duration of the distance MA Sociology course, students have the opportunity to learn about various concepts related to sociology, political sociology, economic sociology, sociology research, and so on.

The Master of Arts (MA) in Sociology is a postgraduate program in which students learn about society and the mechanisms that operate within it. This course covers topics such as sociology of India, sociology of development, religion and society, methods for sociological research, economic sociology, political sociology, and more.

MA Distinction Education in sociology is extremely important in India because the country has a long sociological history. Students who complete this course gain sufficient communication, interpersonal, analytical, critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills. Students who successfully complete this degree have the option of continuing their education at the PhD level by conducting research in the field to become more knowledgeable. This is also advantageous in obtaining some of the most prestigious job roles in the sociology field.

  • Eligibility: A UG degree in a relevant discipline with 45% marks is required to pursue the MA Sociology distance course.
  • Duration: The time period for MA Sociology when taught remotely is the same 2 years, as are the number of semesters, which are four in total.
  • Fee: MA Sociology distance education fees range from INR 12,500 to INR 27,600 per year on average.
  • Career-wise: In India, top recruiters such as public and government social organisations hire such postgraduates. They can earn between INR 3.51 and INR 6.59 lacs per year if they are hired in such positions.

Why pursue an MA in Sociology via distance learning?

  • This course covers the sociology of symbolism, the sociology of kinship, and a variety of sociological theories in depth. Students in the subject also learn about various other aspects of society.
  • The scope of this field can be determined by learning about the jobs available after completing this course, which include sociologist, researcher, consultant, administrator, counsellor, and others.
  • It can also be identified from a distance as an online learning mode that is now preferred by the majority of students in India due to its ease of learning.
  • Making this distance course valuable and worthy of UGC and DEB approval is a critical factor.

MA Sociology Distance Education is a postgraduate degree course that can be pursued by those working in NGO, Human Development, Society Development, and all sociology development departments.

  • A Bachelor's degree in any stream from an Indian university is required for admission to the current program.
  • MA Sociology distance education is a two-year university-level course. Because sociology is such a broad subject.
  • MA Sociology graduates can expect to earn between 15,000 and 25,000 INR per month as a starting salary.
  • Admission to the MA Sociology Distance Education Program in 2023

MA sociology is a two-year master's level course offered by Mitauna Edutech to students who want to learn about various sociological concepts. Institutions admit students based on merit lists for this course.

To be on the list of top-selected students for MA sociology distance education admission, students must have high aggregate scores. Students who complete the course curriculum are eligible to apply for high-profile jobs such as teaching, counselling, and welfare advisor.

Admission Form for MA Sociology Distance Education
The application form is available on the Mitauna's official website. Students can also use the form mentioned on the page. They proceed to the next process, where they must submit the scanned documents, after filling in the personal details such as name, course name, and date of birth.

Eligibility Criteria for MA Sociology Distance Education

  • A BA in Sociology or another related degree is the minimum requirement for admission to the distance MA Sociology program.
  • Every student will be chosen on merit, not on the basis of an entrance exam.
  • These aspirants must have received at least 50% in their previous degree exams in order to be considered.

Fees for MA Sociology Distance Education

It is an important part of the admission process and the final step. Students must pay their application fee. They will receive a fee submission receipt once they have paid the fee. Students should keep it for future use.

Interested Students pursuing an MA in Sociology via distance education must pay the course fee. The average annual fee for an MA Sociology via distance learning is INR 12,500 to INR 27,600.

Admission to MA Sociology via Distance Education
Candidates should adhere to the following guidelines when applying:

  • Students first check their eligibilty on the Mitauna Edutech website.
  • They can sign up to fill out the form if they are eligible.
  • There will be sections on the form where you can fill in your academic and other pertinent information.
  • Documents will be attached, as well as the fee submission slip.

MA Sociology Distance Education Syllabus 

Semester 1 Semester 2
Sociology of Kinship Sociology of India
Religion and Society Economic Sociology
Sociological Theories Sociology of Development
Political Sociology Methods of Sociological Research
Semester 3 Semester 4
Industry and Society Urban Sociology
Sociology of Symbolism Populations and Society
Gender and Society Sociology of Science
Sociology of Organizations Sociology of Media
Sociology of Education Agrarian Structure


MA Sociology Distance Education Scope
Students pursuing the MA Sociology Distance Education course have the opportunity to pursue a successful career centred on social concepts. Students pursuing this course have a relatively high opportunity to develop skills that will help them advance in their careers.

Students who complete the MA Sociology Distance Education program can find work in educational institutions, welfare organisations, public health organisations, and medical centres, among other places. After completing the course, an applicant can expect a salary package ranging from INR 3.15 LPA to INR 7.65 LPA.

Job Roles 

  • Public Relations Executive
  • Social Worker
  • School Teacher
  • Data Analyst
  • HR Executive
  • Geo-Political Risk Analyst
  • Journalist
  • Rehabilitation Counselor
  • Sales Executive
  • Criminal justice field
  • Journalism

Public Relations Executive: If you have an MA in Sociology, you can work in a variety of fields, including public relations executive. A public relations executive has a lot of responsibilities. They can develop, monitor, and consider the best strategy for growth in this field, among other things. A PR executive's primary responsibility is to write press releases and maintain the company's brand.

Data Analyst: Following completion of a Master of Arts in Sociology via distance education. As a student, you can work as a Data Analyst. A data analyst's primary responsibility is to collect and store data on market research, sales figures, linguistics, logistics, and other behaviours. Data analysts use their expertise to ensure the quality and accuracy of data in order to assist organisations and individuals.



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