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For students interested in psychology, the master's level MSc Psychology Distance Education programs lasts two years. Most recently graduated individuals want to pursue an MSc in Psychology via distant learning. Research methodologies, cognitive psychology, statistics, and other topics are covered throughout the course. For students interested in psychology, the master's level MSc Psychology Distance Education programs lasts two years. Most recently graduated individuals want to pursue an MSc in Psychology via distant learning. Research methodologies, cognitive psychology, statistics, and other topics are covered throughout the course. Students must have a degree from an institution approved by the UGC in order to enroll in the Distance MSc in Psychology. 55% is the required minimum for graduates. There is no entrance exam necessary for Mitauna distance-learning MSc programs. Students from remote locations would have a better opportunity of learning about the numerous topics associated to psychology by choosing admission to the MSc Psychology Distance Education course. To enroll in this course, students must have earned their bachelor's degree from an accredited institution.""

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Course Overview

Why MSc Psychology Online Study?

There are a number of distinctive aspects that set this distance-learning MSc in Psychology apart from competing programs. We will provide a brief overview of the psychology master's degree offered via distance learning by Mitauna in this article. A master's degree in psychology will help students comprehend human behaviour, language, interaction, and health on a deeper level.

Numerous personality types can be examined using these degrees. Students can evaluate arguments and the logic underlying them by using case studies. Innovative thinking can provide answers to social issues brought on by ethical and theological misconceptions.

Students in the MSc Psychology Distance Education program gain research skills, emotional stability, and a deeper comprehension of the natural world and human behaviour. This course is a great option given the growing need for psychologists in recent years.

What Characteristics Define MSc Psychology Distance Learning?

Distance learning for an advanced degree in psychology offers many advantages to students. The following are some of the main aspects stating about the MSc Psychology Distance Education course since it covers a variety of specialties:

learns how to establish trust in front of the patient for better treatment, gains improved communication skills for better patient interactions,
In the most difficult circumstances, students learn how to be patient.
gets to develop empathy for the patients and regulate their feelings toward them, they get to develop and maintain their ethics above all, etc.

Admission to MSc Psychology Distance Education in 2023
The Mitauna Edutech has begun accepting students for the MSc Psychology Distance Education program for the academic year 2023. Filling out the registration form found above in the article is how students who are interested in enrolling in this course can do so.

An applicant has the option to choose the course and specialisation that they think will work best for them when they apply to fill out the registration form. As soon as a candidate fills out the registration form, they are immediately chosen for admission based on their prior academic credentials and results from the preliminary exams.

An applicant can use the contact and enquiry form on if they are having problems or are unclear about the course or their profession. Our knowledgeable education counsellors, who are available 24 hours a day to assist students with their questions, will contact a candidate after they have filled out the query form.

Eligibility for Distance Learning in MSc Psychology
Aspiring candidates have to fulfil the requirements given by the institute as a requirement in order to be admitted into the MSc Applied Psychology Distance Education course. Some of the ailments include:

Students who have graduated from an accredited university are eligible to apply.
One of the following degrees is required for applicants. A recognised university must provide the B.A. (Hons.) or B.A. (Pass) or B.A. Program Examination in Applied Psychology.
A minimum grade of 45% must be achieved on the cumulative mark sheet for graduation.
Admission to the distance learning MA in Psychology is open to students of any age.
For course admission, the institution won't hold an entrance exam.
MSc Psychology Distance Education Costs
Psychology MSc Students can obtain distance learning at a reasonable cost. The eligibility requirements for the master's-level course must be checked by applicants to see if they are qualified or not. Students must speak with the Mitauna counsellors to address modifications about costs for the term 2023.

The typical MSc Psychology distance education tuition ranges from 15,700 to 35,250 Indian rupees.

Benefits of Online MSc Psychology Education
After submitting an application for admission to Mitauna Edutech's MSc Psychology Distance Education program, a candidate receives a number of benefits. The following are a few of the course's main benefits:

Quality Education: Pupils are given access to a curriculum that is industry-focused and geared on preparing students to the level necessary to compete on a professional level.
Affordable Fee Structure: One of the main justifications given by students for stopping their study in midstream is their inability to afford the fees demanded by many schools. The MSc Psychology Distance Education fee structure at Mitauna Edutech was developed with the goal of making the program affordable for all applicants.
Free study materials are made available to students who enrol in the MSc Psychology Distance Education program. This allows them to complete their education without having to spend a significant sum of money for study materials as is necessary in the traditional form.
The Mitauna Edutech is India's top-ranked distance learning institution, making it a fantastic opportunity for students to restart their careers on a prestigious platform.
Application Form for Distance Learning in MSc Psychology
Application forms are accessible on the Mitauna Edutech's official website. After meeting the requirements listed below for eligibility, students may complete the form. Before completing the online application form, have all required documentation on hand. All information must be correct and in accordance with academic credentials.

Distance Learning for the MSc in Psychology in India
In India, a number of renowned universities provide distance learning options for postgraduate degrees. While some colleges only open their admissions webpage for one session, others do so twice a year. Most colleges provide direct admission. Only the candidate must offer verifiable academic evidence. Students who successfully complete the online MSc in Psychology can work in HR, as counsellors, as clinical psychologists, and more.

Syllabus for MSc Psychology Online Education

Semester I Semester II
Advanced General Psychology Psychopathology & Mental Hygiene
Life Span Psychology Research Methodology
Advanced Social Psychology Health Psychology
Organizational Behaviour Human Resource Management
Experimental Psychology I

Project Work or Counselling Psychology (Theory Paper)

Semester III Semester IV
Social Behaviour Theory: A Psychological Perspective Dynamic and Interpersonal Behavior Theory
Psychology Applications Applications of Psychology – II
Personality Theory Self and Positive Psychology
Systems and skills System and Skills Intervention
Synopsis Dissertation

 Fee Structure for Distance Learning in Psychology

Fee  I Year (in Rs) II Year (in Rs)
Tuition Fee 10000 10000
Admission Fee 1000
Amenity Fee 2000 2000
Registration Fee 1500 1500
Eligibility Fee 150
Certificate Fee 150
Postage and Stationery Fee 500 500
Project Fee 1000
Special Fee 400
Total 15700 15400

several specialties under the distance learning MSc in Psychology

Counseling, organisational, and clinical psychology are some of the many broad disciplines covered in distance learning MSc programs. The fields can be chosen by the students based on their interests. These three primary subfields of psychology lead to several career fields. Students who wish to work in the counselling field should pick counselling psychology, whereas those who want to work in human resources and related fields should choose organisational psychology.

Options After an MSc in Psychology via Distance Learning
The MSc Psychology Distance Education students will provide them the chance to develop and manage their talents so that they may receive better chances for enhancing their job prospects.

After completing this course, a candidate will have a variety of job options because there is a constant need for candidates with these credentials and abilities.
Such qualifications are sought after by many hospitals, health centres, global corporations, etc., and the average salary that graduates receive is also comparatively high.
After completing the MSc Psychology program, students can find employment in a variety of fields such as psychology, urban planning, human resources, etc.
After completing this program, the typical salary for graduates ranges from INR 4,34,000 to INR 7,67,000.
Employer Sectors

Forces of Police
monetary institutions
Marketing Businesses
HR divisions
Federal Social Services
Universities, Colleges, and Schools
Businesses, both commercial and industrial
Academic Focus for Distance Learning in MSc Psychology

Students may apply for a M Phil or PhD after completing their master's degree program in higher education. Many universities with UGC approval admit students for the M Phil and PhD programs in psychology. To be admitted to these universities, you must pass an entrance exam.




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