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MA In Economics
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Obtaining this degree qualifies graduates to work in the public or private sectors, such as the labour market, finance, and banking. A Master of Arts in Economics program must be completed within two years, and the average tuition ranges from INR 12,451 to INR 27,685 per year.""

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Course Overview


Obtaining this degree qualifies graduates to work in the public or private sectors, such as the labour market, finance, and banking. A Master of Arts in Economics program must be completed within two years, and the average tuition ranges from INR 12,451 to INR 27,685 per year.

The distance MA in Economics course focuses on the global financial system and the diversions of capital markets, with an emphasis on money knowledge and industry control. This course does not only teach you how finance works in a country's economy. However, it also qualifies one to deal with industry challenges.

Why MA Economics Distance Learning?
Students who are unable to attend regular classes after completing their bachelor's degree have an excellent opportunity to pursue an MA in Economics through distance learning. They are not required to attend regular classes in distance mode. Students can continue to work, run businesses, and participate in other activities. MA in Economics is a two-year post-graduate program. Aside from that, students can enrol in a skill development course that will help them in their future careers.

The course was provided after UGC and DEB approval, so it is equivalent to regular courses. The course fees are also lower in distance mode.

MA Economics Distance Education Highlights

  • MA Economics gives students a solid understanding of the subject by emphasising the importance of rising demands and limited resources to meet those demands.
  • Pursuing this course leads students to higher education up to the Ph.D. level, as well as to various related job sectors through placement on high-paying jobs.
  • With this degree, one can work as a data analyst, professional economist, financial planner, equity analyst, and other positions.
  • Because of the increased economic growth, there is a greater demand for economics courses, which is why this course is now also available in the distance and online formats.
  • The course is highly recommended for students in the economic sector and has been approved by the UGC and DEB.

Admission to the MA Economics Distance Education Program
When an applicant completes the registration process for MA Economics by filling out the registration form, they are directly selected for admission by the institute based on their previous qualification scores. Because the institute does not accept offline applications, students must fill out the registration form online.

If an applicant has any problems or issues while filling out the form, they can contact our educational counsellors, who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If students have any questions about their careers, they can contact our counsellors by filling out the query form on

Applicants for admission must complete the admission process online because the institute only completes the admission process online. Students can only upload scanned images of their original documents, which will be processed further by our service team to complete the admission process.

Eligibility Criteria for MA Economics Distance Education

  • A basic requirement for admission to this course is a graduation degree in a related field, preferably a BA in Economics.
  • The passing mark in the last exam must be at least 50%, and there is no entrance exam.


The tuition for MA Economics Distance Education courses ranges from Rs 12,451 to Rs 27,685 per year. To confirm their admission, students must submit the fee before the deadline. Students will be charged for other changes such as exam fees, study material fees, and identity card fees. Students who are already enrolled must pay the fee before the start of the new semester.

Duration of the MA Economics Distance Education Course

  • The MA Economics distance learning course in India will last two academic years, with four semesters. The study plan will be based on the Choice Based Credits System (CBCS) pattern, with internal assessment. Each academic year will be divided into two semesters for this purpose. The first and third semesters run from July to November, while the second and fourth semesters run from December to April.

Admission Procedure for MA Economics Distance Education
Applications for the distance MA Economics course can be submitted using the following procedure:

  • To register, go to the Mitauna Edutech website and select the signup option.
  • After you have entered all of the required information, your account will be activated.
  • Students will pay the form submission fee before proceeding to the final step.
  • Students can ask the Mitauna Edutech counsellor for more information if they have any questions.

Top-ranked in Distance Education: The Mitauna EduTech has been ranked as India's No. 1 Distance Learning Institute, making it an excellent platform for students to develop and advance their professional careers.
Quality of Education: The quality of education that an applicant receives after enrolling in courses at Mitauna EduTech is very high, allowing students to easily meet professional challenges.
Curriculum Update: The curriculum of courses offered for admission at the Mitauna EduTech is regularly updated to maintain the level of skills required for an applicant to lead the international market.
Free SLM: The Mitauna EduTech provides students with free study materials that assist and encourage all students to obtain superior quality education in order to advance their careers.
Advantages of MA Economics Distance Learning
Time flexibility: The candidate may work in a different location while taking this course. This program cannot impose time constraints on the candidate. Students can study at their own pace and schedule.
Low price: This course has a lower fee structure than the regular MA course. The appropriate fee for this course ranges from Rs 12,451 to Rs 27,685.
Earn while you learn: There is no set schedule for this course. When this program is completed, the candidate can expect good job opportunities.
Online classes: Students in the distance MA learning course attend lectures online. This course is ideal for students who want to continue their current schedule while studying. In this course, they can access all lectures and books online.

MA Economics Distance Education Syllabus

Year I

Subject Name Credits
Micro Economics 6
Public Finance 6
International Economics 6
Basic Statistics 6
Mathematics for Economics 6
Economics of Agriculture 6
Statistical Techniques 6

Year II

Subject Name Credits
Economic of Growth and Development 6
Research Methodology for Economics 6
Methods of Econometrics 6
Banking and financial Institutions 6
Institutional Economics 6
Economics of Discrimination 6
National Income Accounting 6


What is the purpose of this course?
MA Economics online focuses on current societal wealth creation, allocation, and spending. This study includes both macroeconomics (cost, production, and labour) and microeconomics (demands, suppliers, trades, customer habits, and other similar ideas in an economy). Economic principles influence every aspect of a country, from citizens to industries to legislation and institutions.

MA Economics Distance Education Scope
Students enrolled in the MA Economics Distance Education course will have numerous opportunities to advance their careers as a result of the advanced education provided by the course. After successfully completing the course, students can pursue careers in a variety of disciplines.

Applicants may be hired at a variety of educational institutions, marketing agencies, banks, professional analysts, and so on. At the start of their career, an applicant's average salary package after completing the course can range from INR 3.55 LPA to INR 9.25 LPA.

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