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BSc Agriculture
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Students learn about agriculture and many ideas related to it during the course of a 4-year program called the BSc Agriculture Distance Education. Students who are interested in learning more about agricultural ideas should apply for this course once they have completed their 12th grade. Through B.Sc. Agriculture Distance Education, students in rural areas can further their education. Even those who have them can learn from wherever they feel comfortable thanks to distance education. This implies that this style of learning is open to anyone who holds a regular employment. Affordably priced courses are offered by BSc Agriculture Distance Education Colleges in India. You will have a wide range of job opportunities after completing this course. This will be given to students who did well in the course based on their placements."

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Course Overview

The Benefits of a BSc in Agriculture
The cultivation, investigation, and fertilisation of soil are the main topics of agricultural study. This course can be studied for four years in both theoretical and practical sessions.

Students who are interested in a career in farming may find this course useful in helping them advance and develop their academic careers.

India is expanding in all areas, and the agricultural industry is increasing crop quality and yield to better meet consumer demand; this agricultural course will assist students in learning from introductory to advanced studies.

Admission to BSc Agriculture Distance Education 2023
The Institute is accepting applicants for its distance learning BSc Agriculture program for the academic year 2023 at this time. Students who wish to enrol in the course may submit their names via the online application form found on the official website.

Only the official website is the accepted method of application submission. Preliminary exam results are used to identify candidates for the BSc Agriculture distance learning program. Our counsellors and service team will be available to students via the official website to provide support.

Students will master the fundamental ideas included in the BSc degree after successfully completing the agricultural admissions procedure.

Qualifications for BSc Agriculture Online Education

There are a few requirements that must be met in order for students to be admitted to the BSc Agriculture distance learning program. Several conditions for qualifying include:

Students must have graduated from a reputable institution with their 12th grade.
The applicant must have a minimum score of 45%.
Students who major in math, physics, biology, or chemistry will be given preference.
There is no announced recommended entrance age.

Highlights of BSc Agriculture Distance Education

Course Name Bachelor of Science in Agriculture 
Eligibility 12th/ PCB Group with 45-50%
Fee Structure INR 30,540/- to INR 38,650/- per year
Duration 4 Years
Approved By UGC / DEB  Level
Admission Process Online 
Type Online/Distance
Level Graduation

Agriculture BSc Distance Learning Time

a Bachelor of Agriculture program that can be finished in no more than three years. Students will have six semesters to attempt the exam during these years. A student has a maximum of three additional chances to pass an exam if they fail it or are absent.

Distance learning for a BSc in agriculture typically takes three to six years to complete.


Every student can afford the BSc agriculture course fee structure. Additionally, there will be a tuition fee, exam fee, identity fee, and any other applicable fees. Students who can't pay the full amount at once can also use an instalment facility. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the counsellors by calling the number provided above.

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture tuition typically ranges from INR 30,540 to INR 38,650 per year for correspondence courses.

What advantages do distance learning BSc agriculture courses offer?
A planned educational program that is conducted away from the teacher is called distance education. What does distance learning accomplish for students? The following are some benefits of studying BSc Agriculture online:

When a candidate is accepted into the BSc Agriculture distance learning program, they have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of various concepts related to agriculture and related fields.

The chance to advance their knowledge and skills to the point where it will help them advance in the professional world is given to the students.

lower cost books Students who pursue a BSc in agriculture can work and study concurrently.
As a result, one can keep up with the issue without taking time off from work.

Syllabus for BSc Agriculture Online Education


Basic Science & Humanities

Comprehension and Communication Skills in English

Rural Sociology and the Constitution of India

Educational Psychology

Introduction to Computer Applications

Agricultural Sciences (Agricultural Economics)

Principles of Agricultural Economics

Agricultural Finance and Co-operation

Production Economics and Farm Management

Agricultural Marketing, Trade, and Prices

Fundamentals of Agribusiness Management

Agricultural Engineering

Principles of Soil and Water Engineering

Farm Power and Machinery

Protected Cultivation Structures and Agro-Processing

Energy Sources and their Application in Agriculture

Agricultural Entomology

General Entomology

Economic Entomology

Crop Pests and their Management

Agricultural Extension Education

Dimensions of Agricultural Extension

Extension Methodologies for Transfer of Agricultural Technology

Entrepreneurship Development and Communication Skills

Agricultural Microbiology

Agricultural Microbiology

Soil Microbiology

Agricultural Statistics

Fundamentals of Statistics


Introductory Agriculture, Principles of Agronomy and Agricultural Meteorology

Field Crops-I (Kharif)

Practical Crop Production I

Practical Crop Production II

Weed Management

Irrigation Water Management

Field Crops II (Rabi)

Rain-fed Agriculture and Watershed Management

Farming Systems, Organic Farming, and Sustainable Agriculture

Experimental Techniques in Agricultural Research I

BSc Agriculture Distance Learning Capabilities
Agriculture requires a person to be patient, pay close attention to small details, and have great observational skills. Because it is so competitive and only the best will succeed in it, only those who genuinely love agriculture should pursue careers in it. Among the requirements for a BSc in agriculture are the following:

IT skills Program
Ability to analyse
The Future Planning
adequate communication
commercial sensitivity
Sales and marketing abilities

Job Types for BSc Agriculture Distance Education

Actuarial Analyst Program Manager
Agriculture Portfolio Manager Research/Fundamental Analyst
Agriculture Officer Agricultural Lecturer
Farming Consultant Farming  Agronomist

Agriculture BSc Distance Learning Program
Students can get an idea of agricultural studies through the course material, which is about agricultural studies. The area of responsibility is determined by how the competence is imagined, therefore students must engage in concentrated instruction that prepares them for workplace practise.

The students can start acquiring experience as soon as the course is over. Students who complete the B.Sc. in agriculture program will be able to start from scratch and apply for excellent employment openings. Additionally, at first, don't worry about the breadth; instead, focus on learning and experiencing what is responsible for growth.

Agriculture Production Formulation Executive: Students who have earned a bachelor's degree in agriculture are eligible to apply for this position. A candidate for this position must formulate and process food products.


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