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MSc Physics
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A specialist course lasting two years is called MSc Physics Distance Learning. This course covers physics education and numerous physics-related ideas. In this online curriculum, subjects including motion, thermodynamics, agrophysics, quantum mechanics, electronics, and more are covered. Students who want to pursue a master's degree in physics while working can do so through the Mitauna Edutech. Top universities in India offer the admissions process for the MSc Physics Distance Education programs. To be eligible to apply for admission to this course, students must have received a minimum of 55% of their possible points in their bachelor's degree.

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Course Overview

Admission to MSc Physics Distance Education 2023

The Mitauna Edutech has begun taking applications for its MSc Physics Online program. Interested students who have earned their physics bachelor's degree may enrol in this course online. This program is now open for enrollment at Mitauna Edutech. There will be direct admission available for the online MSc Physics program.
A candidate who successfully completes the MSc Physics Distance Education course gains access to more advanced coursework in physics and related fields. For course admission, applicants do not need to come to the institution's campus because the entire admissions process will be conducted online.

Students merely need to upload scanned copies of their original documentation; our service team will then process these files to finish the admissions process.

Application Form for Distance Education in Online MSc Physics

In order to avoid visiting the institute, students can apply online. Forms for registration must be fully completed. The application form needs your name, address, and contact information. Students are told to complete the application form with current contact information. They can get in touch with education counsellors whenever they have a question about admission or registration.

Criteria for Distance Learning in MSc Physics

Before submitting the application form, students who want to enrol in the MSc Physics Distance Education program must fulfil some of the prerequisite requirements. Some of the ailments include:

The applicant must have successfully completed a bachelor's degree at an accredited college or university.
The applicant will be chosen based on their prior qualifications, thus they must have achieved them.
Students of any age can apply for admission since the institute has made no announcements regarding age restrictions.


The annual tuition for a distance-learning MSc in Physics typically ranges from INR 11000 to INR 60,000. Every student may afford the institute's very inexpensive cost structure, which is also pocket-friendly. Before the deadline, students must pay the fee to confirm their admission.

Distance Education MSc Physics Syllabus

Semester Subjects of Study

Classical Mechanics

Mathematical Physics – I

Linear and Integrated Electronics

Advanced Electronics and Physics Laboratory – I


Quantum Mechanics – I

Mathematical Physics – II

Electromagnetic Theory

Advanced Electronics and Physics Laboratory – II


Molecular Spectroscopy

Quantum Mechanics – II

Microprocessor and Electronic Instrumentation

Advanced Electronics and Physics Laboratory – III


Condensed Matter Physics

Nuclear and Particle Physics

Materials Science

Advanced Electronics and Physics Laboratory – IV

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Distance Learning for MSc Physics in Delhi

Numerous courses are being offered by the Mitauna Edutech via distance learning. Students can apply now if they want to pursue an MSc in Physics. The largest educational institution in India is based in Delhi. Many colleges and institutions are providing the course online. For the best educational facility and support, students can select Mitauna.

Distance Education for MSc Physics

As their proficiency in various facets of physics increases, MSc Physics Distance Learning students can advance their careers. Students' chances of landing a job in a variety of fields and industries are increased by taking this course.

Their chances of discovering and passing on fresh abilities and obtaining the ideal outcomes for a sector or corporation will increase with the addition of research skills. The compensation package that graduates of the MSc Physics Distance Learning program may anticipate to get ranges from INR 4 to 10 LPA.

You have a wide range of career options after completing the M.Sc. Physics course, including those with pharmaceutical companies, government hospitals, medical research labs, environmental businesses, defence businesses, physics research businesses, radiation protection businesses, oil and gas businesses, energy businesses, and many more.

Areas of Employment for MSc Physics Distance Education

Manufacturing Businesses

Universities and Colleges

Telephone Service Providers

Gas and Oil Industry

Writing Medical Content

Defense and Aerospace Industry

Salary After Distance Learning MSc Physics

Job Profile Salary Offered
Research Analyst INR 3.84 LPA
Software Engineer INR 5.63 LPA
Assistant Scientist INR 4.50 LPA
Physics Training Manager INR 4.53 LPA
Observation Scientist INR 6.97 LPA




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