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BSc Biochemistry
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The study of chemical processes in living things is known as biochemistry. It focuses on the biological functions and traits of living things. A three-year, six-semester BSc biochemistry distance learning programs consists of six semesters. Some universities and institutions base admission on merit or how well applicants perform on the entrance exam. Major courses in BSc Biochemistry include organic chemistry, biochemical dynamics, general chemistry, calculus, molecular biology, and genetics. Graduates in biochemistry can pursue MSc and Ph.D. degrees. The range of entry-level salaries is 2.5 to 7 LPA on average."

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Course Overview

Admission to BSc Biochemistry Distance Education 2023

Distance The Mitauna Edutech offers an online BSc Biochemistry course. Students can look up their qualifications and costs. Universities offer three-year BSc programs with a variety of specialty options. Students can fill out the application form required to apply for the course either online or in person at the institution.

Biochemistry BSc For students who are interested in learning about the chemistry of living creatures, distance education is a preferable option. The subject matter of the course combines biology and chemistry. Students enjoy complete scheduling flexibility when studying remotely. Along with studying, they can gain knowledge through working in the same field in real life.

Distance Biochemistry BSc Eligibility Requirements

Students must meet the prerequisites for the course in order to enrol in BSc Biochemistry. The primary requirements for eligibility are completing the 12th grade with a minimum of 45 to 50% in PCB/PCM. Biology and Chemistry were required as core topics in 10+2 for all students.


Nearly 23,000 to 35,000 Indian rupees are typically needed as tuition for a BSc in Biochemistry through remote learning each year.

Syllabus for BSc Biochemistry Distance Learning


1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year
Semester I Semester II Semester III Semester IV Semester V Semester VI
Molecules of Life General Physical Chemistry Biophysical Chemistry Membrane Biology and Bioenergetics Gene, Gene Expression, and Regulation Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
General Organic Chemistry Enzymes Metabolism of Carbohydrates and Lipids Metabolism of Amino Acids and Nucleotides Physiology and Hormones Immunology
    Cell Biology Basic Microbiology and Microbial Genetics

Specializations, Requirements, and Costs for BSc DDE 

Courses Eligibility Duration Fees Approx
B.Sc 12th (Science Stream) 3 Years  
B.Sc Botany INR 20,000 –  INR 28,000 / YEAR
B.Sc Hons Botany INR 21,000 –  INR 28,000 / YEAR
B.Sc Economics INR16,000 –  INR 22,000 / YEAR
B.Sc Fire and Safety INR15,000 –  INR 25,000 / YEAR
B.Sc Geography INR 15,000 –  INR 26,000 / YEAR
B.Sc Geology INR 16000 –  INR 26,000 / YEAR
B.Sc Agriculture INR20,000 – INR 26,000 / YEAR
B.Sc Physics INR15,000 – INR25,000  / YEAR
B.Sc Microbiology INR 16,000 –  INR 33,000/ YEAR
B.Sc Hons Microbiology INR 16,000 – INR25,000  / YEAR
B.Sc Hotel Management Tourism INR16,000 – INR 372.30 / YEAR
B.Sc Jewellery Design INR 22,000 –  INR 45,000 / YEAR
B.Sc Mass Communication INR 16,000 –  INR 33,000 / YEAR
B.Sc Psychology INR16,000 –  INR 33,000 / YEAR
B.Sc Telecommunication INR15,000 – INR28,000 / YEAR
B.Sc Electronics INR22,000–  INR 30,000 / YEAR
B.Sc (Electronics & Communication) INR22,000 –  INR30,000 / YEAR
B.Sc Hardware & Networking INR 22,000 –  INR 45,000/ YEAR
B.Sc Multimedia INR 16,000 –  INR 34,000 / YEAR
B.Sc Physical Sciences INR 17,000–  INR 40,000/ YEAR
B.Sc (Hons.) Physics INR 15,000 –  INR 32,000 / YEAR
B.Sc Environmental Science INR 15,000 – INR25,000   / YEAR
B.Sc Medical Laboratory Technology INR22,000 –  INR 40,000 / YEAR
B.Sc Software Engineering INR 26,000 –  INR 45,000 / YEAR
B.Sc IT INR 26,000–  INR 40,000 / YEAR

scope of a BSc in Biochemistry distance education

An individual who has earned a BSc in biochemistry can find employment as a chemist, clinical research specialist, pharmacist, teacher, dairy technologist, science teacher, quality control inspector, etc. Students with BScs in Biochemistry have a lot of opportunities thanks to India's burgeoning health industry. Additionally, they may be qualified for positions in the government, such as those in the civil service, agricultural research, biotech, etc. The monthly compensation range for an employee in this sector is between Rs. 20,000 and Rs. 1,20,000.


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