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M. Tech In Computer Science & Engineering
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The M.Tech Computer Science programs is a two-year master's degree in engineering that teaches students how to understand basic scientific and technological concepts, how to solve issues, and how to continually learn new trans disciplinary topics through the M.Tech C.S.E Syllabus."

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Course Overview

Entrance exams are used in the admissions process to admit new students. Along with UPSEE, IPU CET, and other admission exams, GATE is the most popular. To be admitted, applicants must receive the minimum marks in the entrance exams.

Course Level Master
Full-form Master of Technology in Computer Science
Duration 2-Years/4-semester
Eligibility Passed BTech/BE Computer Science or Equivalent with Minimum 50% Aggregate Score
Admission Process Entrance Test
Course Fee INR 1,00,000- INR 3,00,000 
Average Salary INR 3 LPA - INR 8 LPA
Job Positions Web Developer, System Designer, Network Specialist, etc.
Top Recruiting Companies Microsoft, DELL, Wipro, HP, Google, etc.

What is the admissions procedure for MTech?
Students are admitted based on their performance on admission exams by the colleges that provide MTech Computer Science. The most common entrance examinations recognised by the majority of elite colleges are those like GATE or UPSEE.

Following is a step-by-step approach for obtaining admission through entrance exams.

Apply for the Entrance Exam: From May to August each year, entrance exams are given. The initial step is to submit an application to take the desired exam. Apply for it via the official website, download the admit card, and take the exam if you're qualified to do so. Await the outcome before beginning the application process.
Application Submission: Download the application when the institute's application window appears. Create an account with information like your email address, contact number, and mailing address.
Complete the Details Fill out the application form with information such as your bachelor's, 12th, and 10th grade exam results. You must also fill out additional educational information, such as your entrance exam score.
Uploading files: Scan all transcripts from previous academic achievements and score reports from entrance exams to submit into the platform. For acceptance, documents must adhere to strict size and format requirements. Once finished, press "Submit."
Submit the Application Fee: To process the application, a small application fee must be paid. All popular online payment options are available for making payments.
Admission and Counseling: Dates for counselling sessions are made public, and registration is required. On the basis of GATE and other entrance exam results, counselling is provided. After counselling, admission is the final stage.

What are the requirements for the MTech in Computer Science?
Various colleges would have different requirements for admission into any MTech-offering colleges. The typical eligibility requirements used by most universities are:

A BTech or BE in computer science with a minimum cumulative score of 50%
The required minimum aggregate score for prestigious colleges like the IITs is at least 60%.
In order to be admitted, you must have a strong GATE score.

What are the Different Entrance Exams for MTech Computer Science?
Every master's programme in engineering requires entrance tests, and computer science is no exception. The following list includes some of the most popular entrance tests for MTech Computer Science admission.

GATE: The most well-known entrance test for MTech is GATE, or Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. MNIT Jaipur is the organisation hosting this year. The three-hour long national level exam is administered online.
For admission into colleges and universities in Uttar Pradesh, there is a state-level exam called UPSEE. There are 11 papers in total, and each subject has a different syllabus. An online testing environment is used for the three-hour exam.
PG CET: The state of Karnataka also administers the PG CET exam to candidates seeking admission to postgraduate programmes. The exam lasts 150 minutes overall and is administered offline. The Karnataka Examination Authority administers it, and it is recognised by more than 200 institutions.
AP PGCET: This state-level test is required for enrollment in Andhra Pradesh University's graduate programmes. Only students with AP state domiciles are eligible to take the exam.

Exam Registration Dates Exam Dates
GATE September 1, 2022 - September 30, 2022 February 4,5, 6, 11, 12,13, 2022
IPU CET March 4, 2022 – May 31, 2022  June 18 – June 19 (UG and B.Ed)
June 23 – June 25, 2022 (PG and Ph.D.)
SRMJEEE PG - June 25, 2022 to June 26, 2022 (Phase 3)
AP PGECET May 11, 2022 – June 14, 2022 July 18 – July 20, 2022
TS PGECET April 12, 2022 – July 17, 2022  July 29 – August 1, 2022
OJEE March 14, 2022 – May 14, 2022  July 4 – July 8, 2022 
TANCET March 30, 2022 – April 23, 2022 May 14, 2022 (MBA and MCA)
May 15, 2022 (ME/MArch/MTech)
BHU PET April, 2022 May, 2022
BITS HD April 22, 2022 – May 29, 2022  July 2 – July 3, 2022 
WBJEE January 16, 2022 April 30, 2022
CUSAT CAT February 8 – March 25, 2022 May 14 – May 15 (PG)
June 22 – June 24, 2022 (UG)


How do I get ready for the entrance exams for MTech computer science?
Months of study are required in order to pass the entrance exam and gain admission to the best institutions. Here are some advice for students to assist them better prepare for the entrance tests.

  • Early preparation is required. The tests' extensive syllabus will take time to study all areas, including the fundamentals.
  • Give tougher subjects and chapters their own time slots. Use tutors or mentors for assistance.
  • It is necessary to frequently complete practise exams while time oneself. The ability to manage your time well is a crucial one for the actual exam.
  • It is necessary to have a solid understanding of the fundamentals. It's also critical to comprehend the queries that are usually posed.
  • Make a list of things to discuss in advance to make sure nothing is forgotten.
  • Regular breaks will help to prevent weariness. Additionally, taking regular pauses will ensure that new information is properly absorbed.
  • Try your hand at the practise questions for the major entrance exams, including GATE, UPSEE, PGCET, etc.

How to Get Accepted into Reputable MTech Computer Science Colleges
There are several things one needs to consider in order to be admitted to the best MTech colleges. Each year, a large number of applicants from all around the nation apply to the programme due to the intense competition.

One may think about applying for MTech Computer Science admission for a variety of reasons, including:

  • To ensure that no date is missed, keep track of changes to the application, examination, and counselling deadlines. The universities give advance notice of such changes.
  • Daily news, international, and national affairs are read. This will provide a break from routine coursework and be beneficial for the admissions procedure.
  • One strategy to distinguish out from the competition is to perform well on the entrance exam.
  • Additionally, counselling sessions need to be taken seriously. Effective performance is crucial.
  • Update all information regarding previous academic degrees and marks. Additionally, any projects, internships, or finished work must be updated.

What is computer science for MTechs?
MTech Computer Science is a postgraduate degree with a two-year duration that can be pursued in a variety of specialities.

  • Computer science is a knowledge- and skill-based degree that equips students with computer science expertise that is marketable.
  • Common courses that cover the fundamentals of computer science are covered within the first two semesters. The chosen electives will be studied in the following semesters.
  • System integration, distributed and embedded systems, networks, software engineering, algorithms and logic, system on a chip, and digital systems are some of the topics taught in this course.
  • After graduating, one can find employment as a software engineer, systems developer, network analyst, web developer, etc. in a variety of businesses.


Why Pursue a Computer Science MTech Course?
The decision to pursue an MTech in Computer Science depends on the objectives and goals of the individual. The programme offers candidates benefits that are worth considering in terms of pay, job placements, and career advancement.

The following are a few arguments in favour of this programme that will persuade me.

  • Computer science is a branch of the economy with a significant demand for graduates and jobs. Students can begin looking for employment as soon as they finish the course.
  • a high pay range: Comparing computer science graduates to other graduates, pay is on the higher end. Long work hours and a tough industry characterise this career. As a result, the salary is commensurate with the candidates' level of effort.
  • Opportunities for employment are always present. For their computer network systems, established industries like government institutions, finance, and IT all need CS graduates. For qualified people, there are additional opportunities for international employment.
  • Growth opportunities: There are many options available, whether one decides to pursue higher education or find employment. Options for higher education include an MBA, a law degree, a doctorate, etc.


Comparing computer science degrees of MTech and MSc
Another programme that is frequently contrasted with MTech Computer Science is MSc Computer Science. MSc in Computer Science and MTech Computer Science are comparable degrees. While there are some similarities between the two programmes, there are also some significant variances.

While MSc Computer Science focuses more on theory, MTech Computer Science deals with more practical knowledge. The comparison between the two programmes is detailed below.

Parameters MSc Computer Science MTech Computer Science
Overview MSc Computer Science is a 2 year duration PG course in different specializations. Master of Technology is a two year, four semester programme.
Focus Area Focus is more knowledge oriented and theory based.The degree allows students to enhance their knowledge of computer science and systems elaborately. Focus is more skill oriented and gains practical skills.
Admission Criteria Entrance Exam or Merit Basis Entrance Exam or Merit Basis
Eligibility Criteria Bachelor’s degree in computer science or other equivalent courses with at least 50% aggregate score. BTech. in Computer Science or other equivalent courses with at least 50% aggregate score.
Average Course Fee INR 40,000 to INR 3 Lakhs INR 67,000 to INR 3.5 Lakhs
Average Placement Package INR 2.8 LPA-5 LPA INR 3LPA to INR 8 LPA
Job Profiles Software engineer, application developer, network engineer etc. Web developer, software developer, system designer etc.

Course comparison

MTech Course Specializations in Computer Science
Each institute offers a variety of electives or specialities from which one might pick. Some of the most well-known ones are described in the list below.

Machine intelligence
The focus of AI specialisation is on imitating human intelligence in computers. AI aims to develop computer systems that can learn, solve, and plan issues on their own. To accomplish this, it makes use of probabilistic modelling, machine learning, cognition, etc.

One of MTech IT's most popular and recent specializations, data analytics focuses on developing reliable and effective systems for reporting, analyzing, and sorting massive amounts of data.

The MTech in Computer Science with an emphasis in Image Processing course covers topics such as image processing in video games, GPU, 3D imaging, medical image processing, radar image sensing, pattern recognition, etc. Jobs can be found in a variety of industries.

Utilizing the Cloud
Students in this course learn data storage on servers or in the cloud. Candidates receive training on how to use networks, computers, information storage, and user data remotely.

Course Name Average Course Fee
Artificial Intelligence INR 1.5 Lakhs
Data Analytics INR 5 Lakhs
Image Processing INR 2 Lakhs
Cloud Computing INR 3 Lakhs


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