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HR Management
Online / Distance

  • 3 years
  • Online
  • ₹ 2-3LPA

A two-year MBA program in HR or human resource management focuses on hiring the best candidates for the job, managing them, and giving the workforce direction and guidance. Based on their performance on competitive MBA entrance tests like the CAT or MAT, top MBA in HR colleges admit students. MBA HR Admission varies depending on the mode, such as distance learning or executive. MBA in Human Resource Management, full time offers an average income of INR 4,00,000 - 5,00,000. Like the admissions procedure, the MBA HR Salary differs for different modes of MBA HR. If you're curious, students who complete the Executive MBA HR program typically earn between INR 5,00,000 and INR 8,00,000 per year in their MBA HR salary"""""""

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Course Overview

What exactly is an MBA in Human Resource?

Anybody having a Bachelor's degree in any stream is eligible to apply to the 2-year postgraduate Master of Business Administration or MBA in Human Resource Management program. People with strong communication skills and the capacity to see an organization's bigger picture would benefit greatly from an MBA in HR. At the moment, both public and private sector enterprises need skilled HR professionals.

Why Consider an HR MBA?

  • An MBA will provide you prestige in the industry instead of any other master's degree.
  • Since practically all significant companies need to recruit HR Managers to take care of their staff, the human resource management sector is relatively solid. So why an MBA?
  • Gaining an MBA in HR gives you the chance to earn more money. After getting an MBA in human resource management, people often receive raises of about 50%. Verify the MBA specialties.
  • After earning an MBA in HR, individuals frequently hold leadership positions. They are granted authority over the management of the workforce in accordance with organisational needs. 
  • Since students can choose from a variety of courses after earning an MBA in HR, there are numerous opportunities after this degree

who really do need to study?

  • Students that are interested in personnel management can pursue an HR MBA.
  • For those who possess the necessary MBA abilities, an MBA in HR provides a good MBA pay. People who want to manage people might consider enrolling in an MBA program in human resource management.
  • This course is open to students who are motivated, ethical in their profession, and who wish to maintain a positive work environment.
  • The chance to pursue an MBA in human resource management is available to students who are dissatisfied with their current course work.
  • Any student or working professional can enrol in a part-time MBA HR program online. Due to this, professionals or students with limited time and resources can now enrol in the course. Examine: MBA Online
    Since age is not a factor in admissions to MBA in HR programs, professionals with extensive work experience have the chance to advance.

When should pursue an HR MBA?

MBA in HRM is similar to an investment, and like all investments, the timing must be right to reap the rewards. The ideal time to complete an MBA depends on the person.

A HR MBA should be pursued as soon as possible after graduation if you have no prior work experience. To occupy a prominent position in HR, the student needs to have 3–4 years of work experience. This will ensure that their MBA in HR will be profitable.
Due to the great demand for an MBA in HR, it is rather pricey. Before diving in, students must be prepared to invest that much money. A loss of a semester could result from financial difficulties in the final year.
So, everything relies on the cause. Anytime is an excellent time to get an MBA degree if the student has a valid purpose for doing so. Students must assess what an MBA will add to their lives. By opening our minds to new ideas, an MBA aids in the development of our personalities.

HR Jobs for MBAs

Both the public and private sectors are experiencing an increase in demand for qualified HR experts. Since they are in charge of keeping a friendly relationship between an organisation and its employees, HR professionals serve as the foundation of a business. Currently, HR professionals are employed by both large and small businesses since they are essential to the development of a company's culture.

Prospects for HR MBA Freshers 

Life of an HR MBA Just like in any other profession, beginners can be challenging. The more you do something, the better it gets. Freshers who have earned an MBA in HR are most likely to find employment in a consultancy, where their sole responsibility will be to gather client requirements, search job boards, identify individuals, and place them. Then you two could have to battle it out for billing. In addition to being quite repetitive, the salary for an MBA in HR for new hires is not so great. But it's also true that with practise, things grow better. With time, the likelihood of landing a good HR position with a variety of other HR-related duties increases. Freshmen need to be patient and wait for the chance to work in a large company and manage all facets of HR.

Courses after MBA in HR

After completing their MBA in HR courses, students have further professional advancement choices. Following an MBA HR, you might take some of the following courses:

  • Certified Talent Management Practitioner Program
  • SAP HR Certification
  • SHRM Certified Professional
  • SHRM Senior Certified Professional
  • Society for Human Resource Management Certification





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