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Computer Science Engineering
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B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Lateral) under Work Integrated Learning Programs is a part-time professional course for the aspirants who are keen to advance their career in the field of Python, Artificial Intelligence, architecture of computer network, software engineering, hardware-software integration, include writing software etc.""

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Course Overview

For those who want to advance their careers in the fields of Python, Artificial Intelligence, computer network architecture, software engineering, hardware-software integration, writing software and firmware for embedded microcontrollers, designing VLSI chips, designing analogue sensors, and designing mixed signal circuit boards, the B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Lateral) under the Work Integrated Learning Program is a part-time professional course. It cultivates practical skills that are fundamental to engineering.

The 3.5-year programme has a curriculum with seven semesters that has been carefully created for students who wished to advance and change their careers in the industry.

One can effectively develop and explore technological skills in the particular subject thanks to the engineering program's design for working professionals with appropriate expertise in the industry.

Highlights of the Computer Science Engineering Program 

  • The Work Integrated Learning Program's 7-semester B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Lateral) course is intended to give students a solid intellectual grounding in modern technologies with a focus on pertinent engineering foundations and related field applications.
  • The student must have completed a diploma programme in the pertinent discipline, field, or programme. Two years, at the least. Full-time work experience in the relevant field for which admission is sought in a registered firm, company, industry, educational institution, or government or autonomous organisation.
  • The Work Integrated Learning Program's B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering (Lateral) course is offered part-time and adheres to AICTE standards as outlined in the Approval Process Handbook, which is frequently published.
  • Classes are offered in a hybrid format, alternating between online and on-campus classroom time during the day, on weekends, and on federal holidays. After the live classes are over, the learning management system makes recorded lessons available for access for an indefinite amount of time (LMS). Every Saturday, labs are held on campus. They can also be accessible virtually and remotely via simulators.
  • Practical labs can be evaluated 24 hours a day using virtual and remote labs that include simulations to simulate real-world situations.
  • Performance of students is evaluated on an ongoing basis in accordance with learning pedagogy. This consists of final exams, practical exams, quizzes, assignments, and sessional exams. To evaluate the student's performance, the outcome is communicated to them.
  • The programme is designed to spark the modern engineering world's technical temperament.
  • The application of cutting-edge solutions for an engaging learning environment served as the foundation for the development of the WILP e-learning studio's instructional methodology.

Qualification Requirements for Eligibility:

Diploma in the pertinent discipline, field, or programme.
A minimum of two years of full-time job experience in the sought-after field with a registered firm, company, industry, educational institution, or government- or privately-run autonomous organisation.
Experienced professionals who want to differentiate themselves from specific specialisations by developing a general competency in the popular technology disciplines.

Age requirements:

  1. No age restriction to apply for the course
  2. Applications for the course are encouraged from highly motivated and ambitious working professionals who want to gain a comprehensive understanding of core engineering.

Programme Curriculum

  • Semester-III
  • Semester-IV
  • Semester-V
  • Semester-VI
  • Semester-VII
  • Semester-VIII
  • Semester-IX

Program run time:

The course lasts for 3.5 Years (6 Semesters + 1 Summer Session).
Throughout the course's final semester, students accumulate project work, VIVA, and industrial training.
The course consists of simulations, virtual and remote lab experiments, and theoretical articles.

Fee Schedule
36,000 in semester course fees
Semester exam cost: $1200
One-time registration fee: 2000
Project Work & VIVA Fee** (Final Semester): 5000 *Course fees are charged through the sixth semester. **Project Work & VIVA fees are charged under professional supervision.



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