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Btech for Working Professional
Online / Distance for Working Professional

  • 4 years
  • Online
  • ₹ 40000 per semester

B.Tech for Working Experts is a four year certification program only intended for working experts with a term of either 3 years (6 semesters) or 3.5 years (7 semesters). This program is appropriate for the applicants who need to seek after advanced education degrees for proficient development and all the while overseeing ordinary positions . As B.Tech through distance mode is invalid, AICTE permitted colleges to enlist competitors in B.Tech for working experts course.

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Course Overview

Job Prospects After B.Tech for Working Professionals/WILP

  • Higher Studies: After completion of B.Tech, you can pursue M.Tech through IITs,NITs & reputed national level colleges by writing GATE exam. Also,one can pursue MBA after doing B Tech.
  • Enter Ever Growing Private Sector: With a B.Tech degree combined with industrial experience will enhance your salary multifold and provide you opportunities to explore more in the relevant industry.
  • Enter PSU and Government Sectors: Various PSUs such as NTPC, BHEL, ONGC,etc. release vacancies for B.Tech with relevant experience. Also, the government bodies such as the Indian Army, Navy and Airforce, PWD, Electrical Departments of states have a direct entry on the qualifications and experience.
  • Campus Placements: The campus placement drive gives you the opportunities to be hired in highly reputed MNCs.

A four undergraduate engineering curriculum called B Tech for Working Professionals is divided into Eight semesters. One of the most sought-after degrees for candidates who are already employed and hoping to improve in their current position is a Btech for working professionals.

Is a distance-based B.Tech. degree valid?
It is common knowledge that a distance-based B.Tech. is a useless degree. The supreme court decision invalidated the Distance B.Tech, making all Distance B.Tech degrees worthless.

The AICTE created the B.Tech nomenclatures to set it apart from Regular B.Tech. The market was stirred by this differentiation, which decreased the value of other B.Tech degrees in contrast to Regular B.Tech. Working diploma professionals who enrolled in weekend or working professional B.Tech courses were not fully acknowledged. Diploma holders struggled with the decision of whether or not to continue.

In order to develop in their employment, they needed a B.Tech degree, but they weren't prepared to enrol in B.Tech Working Professionals programmes since they didn't understand the benefit of it. They were forced to choose standard B.Tech over B.Tech Working Professional or Weekend, even though doing so would have put their current jobs in jeopardy.

However, the AICTE rendered a crucial decision on August 14, 2020. Terms like weekend, part-time, and second shift would gradually disappear, according to an AICTE circular. Regardless of the name, every B.Tech is the same. employed professionals The design of B.Tech. or Lateral Entry B.Tech. programmes was inspired by working diploma professionals. These courses will help you complete your B.Tech. while you are still employed.

After graduating with a B.Tech, a student will be unstoppable thanks to these programmes' industry-based curriculum development that teaches both practical and theoretical knowledge. A B.Tech is the abbreviation for an engineering bachelor's degree. Numerous themes can be found in engineering. B Tech for working professionals has come as a welcome surprise to all job searchers. Candidates that desire career advancement without leaving their current positions.

A B.Tech for working professionals is desperately needed by aspirants as it will advance their existing position. B tech for working professionals was developed with the needs of diploma holders and the current job market in mind. They have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity here.

Significant B.Tech Working Professionals' Highlights:

  • The BTech for Working Professionals curriculum is structured to meet both the educational needs and the requirements of the many career domains.
  • One must have completed a Diploma in the pertinent specialities in which the student want to pursue a BTech in order to apply for BTech Working Professional.
  • The Working Professional BTech programme lasts three years and is only open to diploma holders in the required specialties.
  • Some of the specialisations include civil engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science engineering, mechanical and vehicle engineering, and electrical and communication engineering.
  • As a result of AICTE approval, BTech for Working Professionals is a recognised degree.
  • The BTech Working Professionals degree is in line with the most recent curricula and all engineering industry improvements.

B.Tech. Course Duration for Working Professionals
The entire six-semester programme for the for working professionals is completed in three years. Each six-month semester consists of a range of courses from the foundational to the higher levels of the technical curriculum.

Since they are graduates of a diploma programme, the students will be admitted right away to the second year or third semester. Because a working professional's BTech only takes three years to complete, they are given an extra year of career benefit.

Criteria for B.Tech. Eligibility for Working Professionals
Anyone who has earned a three-year diploma in any engineering discipline is eligible to apply for the B.Tech for Working Professionals programme. The second year of the engineering programme may be entered by these diploma students. They can therefore finish the course in three years and enjoy a one-year advantage over their competitors.

You must first complete a three-year diploma in the same discipline in order to register for working professional courses at the B. Tech level. For the three-year diploma, you just need to receive a total of 50%. A B.Tech graduate from one of these programmes is impermeable because it uses the most modern industry-based curriculum to offer both practical and theoretical knowledge.

B.Tech Specialization For Working Professionals:
Many academic fields provide tech specialisation options; the following list includes some of the most prominent engineering specialisations:
Engineering, mechanical The true definition of mechanical engineering is the study of machines. B Tech mechanical engineering focuses on the analysis, design, development, research, construction, and testing of all machinery, including tools, engines, and machines.

The study of computer design, software, hardware, programming, computer language, and other computer-related topics is known as computer science engineering. This field includes the study of algorithms, computing, programming languages, programme design, computer hardware, software, and more.

Civil engineering is the field for people who want to develop different structures, such as buildings, bridges, dams, or roads, as well as infrastructure for their surrounds. firms involved in infrastructure with civil engineering

Electronics Engineering: Electronics and communication engineering is the study of semiconductors and gadgets. Research, design, production, and analysis of semiconductors including transistors, sensors, microcontrollers, and others are the focus of electronics and communication engineering.

Automotive and mechanical engineering: B Tech Mechanical Automobile Engineering is the study of automobiles and how they operate. the examination, creation, improvement, testing, and construction of automobiles B.Tech For Working Professionals Career

A B Tech in Mechanical Automobile Engineering focuses on all types of vehicles driven by engines, including cars, trucks, buses, motorbikes, and other motorised vehicles.

B.Tech For Professionals In The Workplace
As a BTech graduate, you will have access to a wide range of employment opportunities. Your career's growth is constrained after earning a diploma, but the BTech for Working Professionals will undoubtedly provide it a boost.

Even while Lingayas Vidyapeeth placements are an excellent source of leads for the private sector, doing your own research never hurts. The best place to start is by signing up with trustworthy job search engines like LinkedIn and Indeed to look for positions that fit your interests and are relevant to your skill set.

Multinational businesses (MNCs) from all over the world establish bases in India every year as a result of India's importance as a global tech powerhouse. Additionally, domestic businesses are gradually emerging in the major industrial and technological hubs of the nation, including NCR, Pune, Gujarat, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad. Naturally, new job profiles are developing and there are more job openings. The private sector is therefore quite promising for fresh B.Tech graduates.

Jobs for Working Professionals after a B.Tech.
Mechanical Engineer: Mechanical engineers design, develop, produce, and install mechanical components and systems as well as offer requirements for new or updated mechanical components or systems.

Computer-aided design (CAD): It is a tool used by automobile engineers to produce original ideas. focuses on mechanical system changes, supply chain management, and maintenance issues.

Civil Engineer: Civil engineers plan, implement, and maintain both small- and large-scale construction projects.

Computer Science Engineer: A computer science engineer's responsibilities include designing, developing, implementing, testing, and maintaining software systems. To create and maintain a software resource, write code.

Engineers are in charge of creating, putting together, and overseeing embedded systems and connected circuits in electronics.

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