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MSc Biotechnology
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The MSc in Biotechnology is a two-year programs that is broken down into four equal semesters of six months each so that students can gradually learn the entire syllabus. Students should choose this course if they are interested in learning about biotechnology at the master's level because it gives them the chance to learn from remote locations as well. A specialised course covering the fundamental ideas of the MSc degree, MSc Distance Education in Biotechnology focuses on topics relating to biotechnology. To enrol in this course, students must have earned their bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. Students who successfully complete the MSc Biotechnology Distance Education programs may pursue careers as senior medical scientists, biomedical engineers, microbiologists, senior biochemists, etc. After completing the program, candidates can typically expect to earn between INR 3,56,000 and INR 7,87,000.""""

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Course Overview

Why Distance Learning for the MSc in Biotechnology?
One of the subjects that is best suited for students who want to pursue a career in product development using biological systems and creatures is biotechnology. Most students have a bachelor's degree in biotechnology, however MSc Biotechnology Distance learning is an option for individuals who wish to learn more deeply and work in the same industry.

This curriculum has helped them study in a theoretical and practical way. Gaining in-depth knowledge about particular disciplines is facilitated by a master's. Additionally, getting promoted at work is beneficial. Equal weight is given to certified knowledge and skills.

Highlights of MSc Biotechnology Online Education

Course Name MSc Biotechnology
Eligibility Graduation with 45-50% (PCB)
Duration 2 Years
Admission Process Online / Offline
Fee Structure Rs 10000 – Rs 36000 /Year
Level Post Graduation
Approved By UGC / DEB  Level
Type Online/Distance
Offer By Mitauna EdTech

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Features of Distance Learning for the MSc in Biotechnology
Students who are interested in acquiring an MSc in Biotechnology through distant learning should be aware of the features to follow.

Students in this course are expected to get advanced knowledge of biological systems in order to develop practical means of subsistence for the populace.
After completing a biotechnology course, students might choose to pursue a PhD, the highest degree available in the subject of education.
Technology is the process of developing new goods by altering biological and living systems. The degree leads to a wide range of careers, including those in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, research and development, and more.


Admission to MSc Biotechnology Distance Education in 2023
Students who are interested in enrolling in the MSc Biotechnology Distance Education program at the Mitauna Edutech should complete the registration form. Students who are unable to continue their education in the traditional manner should submit an application for admission to this program online.

The advantage of choosing to enrol in this course via remote learning is that students will be able to obtain knowledge and a degree with the same value as the traditional mode without physically attending the institution's in-person classes.

Candidates seeking admission to the MSc Biotechnology Distance Education program must have successfully completed their bachelor's degree in a related field with a minimum score of 55%. The students choose the students for this course based on the merit list procedure.

Application Form for MSc Biotechnology Distance Education

Online applications are available for candidates to complete. Application forms are accessible on the institute's official website. The application process is the first phase in the admissions process, and it begins once the application is submitted. Carefully fill out every field to prevent the form from being rejected if any information is entered incorrectly.

Criteria for Eligibility for Distance Learning in MSc Biotechnology

If you meet the requirements stated by the school as necessary for admission, you can enrol in the MSc Biotechnology Distance Education course.

The applicant must have earned their diploma from an accredited institution.
There isn't a test administered for admission.
Any student may complete the registration form for admittance, regardless of age requirements.

The annual tuition for a distance-learning MSc in Biotechnology typically varies from Rs 10,000 to Rs 36,000. Students interested in enrolling for a masters degree in biotechnology at the institute can do so with a fee structure that is reasonably priced.

Qualifications for an M.Sc. in Biotechnology Distance Learning
To understand any topic, skills and interests are crucial. Finding out some fresh and fascinating information about the subject of interest is aided by our interest. Several of the qualifications listed for M.Sc. Biotechnology applicants include:

Time management, courtesy, and a capacity for research and problem-solving

Advantages of an MSc in Biotechnology Distance Learning
Due to the lack of a set study hour, students who are learning remotely feel more approachable. Learners can take the course for free.
Low price: The cost of the online MSc is less than that of the traditional MSc. The annual cost of this program ranges from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 36,000. It is reasonably priced and appropriate for students.
Earn as you learn: Students can anticipate a solid career and a high pay after completing the distance learning course. The curriculum has no time restrictions, therefore the candidate is free to work in various locations.
Online learning: This course's students have access to pre-recorded lectures and courses. They are available for the candidate to access anytime and whenever they please. For those who learn online, it is the ideal choice.

Biotechnology MSc India's distance education
Biotechnology is a young branch of medical research that is developing in India. This curriculum is an option for students who are interested in understanding the fundamentals as well as more complex aspects of treating and altering organisms for the benefit of humans. MSc Biotechnology is offered via online learning at many prestigious colleges and universities in India. There is no entrance exam for the course; students only need to meet the minimum requirements to enrol (note: it may vary as per the university & colleges).

Year I Syllabus for MSc Biotechnology Distance Education

Topic Description
Molecular Biology Nuclear Organization
Modern Concept of Gene Organization
Gene Mutation
Transcription and Transcriptional Control
Control of Gene expression
Environmental Biotechnology Status and Scope of Environmental Protection
Physicochemical and Bacteriological analysis of Soil and Water
Waste Water Constituents
Cell Biology General Structure of Cell
Steps in Cell Cycle
Historical origin of Cell Biology
Cytoskeleton and Cell Motility
Genetic Engineering History and Scope of Genetics
Mendelian Laws of Inheritance
Variations of Mendelian Analysis
Linkage and Crossing over
Linkage mapping
Sex determination
Immunology Immune System
Cell types involved in Defence Mechanisms of the body
Gross features
Functions, Development and Histogenesis of various primary and secondary Lymphoid organs in the body
Plant Biotechnology Constituents and Concepts of Sterilization
Preparation, Isolation and Selection of Explant
Suspension cell culture, Callus culture, Protoplast Isolation, culture & fusion
Anther & Pollen culture for Production

Year II

Topic Description
Animal Biotechnology Equipment’s & Media used for Animal Cell Culture Technology
Primary & Established cell line culture and Culture Media
Applications of Animal Cell Cultures
Serum Protein Media Viability and Cytotoxicity
Fermentation Technology Basics of Industrial Fermentation
Design of Fermenter
Product Recovery and Purification
Industrial Production of Chemicals
Molecular Biotechnology Isolation of Genomic DNA from bacterial cell / plant cell
Isolation of RNA from Yeast cells
Determination of Tm values of DNA
Isolation of Temperature sensitive conditional Mutant
Bacterial Conjunction
Bioinformatics Introduction to operating system and Basics of computer
Biological Database
Data Mining
Gene Prediction and Genome Analysis
Protein Structure Prediction
 Food Technology and Nutrigenomics Food Spoilage & Preservation
Methods of Food Processing
Designer Foods, Nutraceuticals
Genetically Modified Foods

MSc Biotechnology Distance Education's Purpose
Because their skill level will be competitive after completing the course, students studying the MSc Biotechnology Distance course will be able to advance in their job. Students have the opportunity to apply for jobs in a variety of fields and industries after completing this course, which will improve their success rate as well.

By developing research abilities that will aid them in identifying and developing fresh talent as well as determining the optimal outcomes for a sector or company, they will improve their prospects. The research industry, healthcare, genetic engineering, immunology, and other fields all hire candidates with MSc Biotechnology Distance Education degrees.

Students who complete the MSc Biotechnology Distance Education programme might aspire to a pay package that ranges from INR 6,80,000 to INR 13,55,000 annually.

Job Categories for Biotechnology MSc Distance Education
Biomedical Engineer, Crime Lab Technician, Forensic Science Expert, Quality Control Analyst, Senior Research, and Validation Technician



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