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BSc Psychology
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Numerous institutions offer the BSc Psychology program, which teaches students the fundamental ideas of a BSc programs while also focusing on psychology education. Students who are unable to finish their coursework in the traditional manner have the option of participating in distance learning. Students who want to be considered for admission to the Distance BSc Psychology programs should complete the online application. The merit list process is undoubtedly the foundation of the admissions procedure for this course. The three-year, six-semester BSc Psychology Distance Education course is broken up into equal semesters. Students can learn about ideas like social psychology, human development, social behavior, general psychology, etc. by enrolling in distance-learning BSc Psychology courses. After successfully completing the course, the applicant will be given the opportunity to apply for positions with titles like psychology assistant, psychiatrist, psychologist, mental counselor, etc."

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Course Overview

Admission to BSc Psychology Distance Education 2023
For the academic year 2023, Mitauna Edutech is accepting applications for its BSc Psychology Distance Education program. Students who wish to enrol in the course may do so by entering their names on the application form seen above on the website.

The institute will take into account the applicant's preliminary exam results because the procedure for admission into this course is solely based on the merit list method. Only with the assistance of our knowledgeable counsellors will students be able to successfully finish the admissions process in the online form.

After being accepted into the BSc Psychology Distance Education program, students will have the opportunity to study a variety of topics, including Community Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Human Behavior, etc.

Application Form for Distance Learning in BSc Psychology
Students must complete an application form in order to enrol in the BSc Psychology distance education program. Both the applicants' academic information and contact information must be accurate. Students can speak with the education counsellors if they have any questions about the application. Anytime, students can access them.

Why pursue a BSc in psychology?

Psychology is a rewarding area to enter after graduating with a science diploma in your senior year of high school. Psychology evaluates a person's personality using a variety of techniques and verbal and nonverbal diagnosis. A bachelor's degree in psychology is a prerequisite for careers as a psychotherapist, psychologist, and other related fields.

Students will learn about a variety of subjects in the BSc Psychology Distance Education program, such as human psychology, mental health, social understanding, etc., which will help them develop a successful career in this sector. Candidates can advance their careers through this course by honing the skills they acquire.

Key Elements of Distance Learning for the BSc in Psychology
All facets of the clinical, organisational, and counselling professions are covered in the BSc or Bachelor of Science in Psychology program.
The course is offered in a number of formats, including online, correspondence, and distance learning.
The most important study for improved mental health & treatment is psychology, which is taught in a variety of institutions at various levels.


Advantages of BSc Psychology Distance Education
Students who wish to apply for admission in the BSc Psychology Distance Education degree are provided with various advantages like:

The students are provided with the best and updated curriculum in this course by the institutes so that as soon as an applicant passes the course they are job ready, \sThe fee structure of the course via the distance mode is lower when compared with the regular mode of the course, \sThe aspirants get the study material from the institute in the start of their course.

BSc Psychology Distance Education's Purpose
Many employment choices are open to those who seek a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Psychology. There are various subfields of psychology in India, including organisational, counselling, and clinical. This results in a variety of work functions and career possibilities. Students can submit applications to both public and private organisations after finishing the course.

Students can search for a career without any restrictions by enrolling in the BSc Psychology Distance Education program since they will be able to apply for positions at several reputable companies and at numerous senior profiles.

In the early stages of their professional careers, candidates who successfully complete the BSc Psychology distance learning course may expect to earn an average income package ranging from 2.25 LPA to 5.66 LPA.

Employer Sectors

Criminal Justice Programs
Labs for research
Child and youth counselling centres
Centers for Community Mental Health
Offices for Vocational Rehabilitation
Welfare Organizations for Prisoners
Treatment Facilities
Child and youth counselling services: A BSc psychology graduate can find employment in child- and youth-guiding facilities. These facilities provide families with thorough expert diagnostic evaluations. The Youth Guidance Centers' mission is to help and mentor students while they pursue further education and training.

Prisons: There are many convicts in India who are dealing with some sort of mental instability. The best care for them requires a BSc psychologist. To assist them, students can work as psychologists.

Rehabilitation facilities: These facilities help drug addicts. After earning their degree, students can do their utmost to help restore a person to normalcy.

Distance Education Syllabus for BSc Psychology

Semester Topics
Semester I Foundation in English
General Psychology – I
Biological Psychology – I
Educational Psychology
Semester II Foundation in English
General Psychology – II
Biological Psychology – II
Health Psychology
Semester III Foundation in English
Developmental Psychology – I
Research Methods & Statistics
Learner ‘s Choice – CBCS
Semester IV Foundation in English
Developmental Psychology – II
Experimental Psychology- I (Practical)
Life Skills Education
Environmental Studies
Semester V Abnormal Psychology – I
Social Psychology – I
Guidance & Counselling Psychology
Industrial /Organizational Psychology
Learner ‘s Choice – CBCS
Semester VI Abnormal Psychology-II
Social Psychology-II
Human Resource Development
Experimental Psychology- II (Practical)
Basic Counselling Skills


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