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MSc Bioinformatics
Online / Distance

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Master's level coursework is offered in MSc Bioinformatics Distance Education. It primarily includes information about various medical topics. To earn a master's degree, students might choose this course. Holders of bachelor's degrees in fields like physical science and life science, such as BSc, are qualified to apply for admission to the MSc Bioinformatics Distance Education Program. The course must be completed in at least 2 years. Students are allowed a maximum of four years to finish. Students who are unable to enroll in a regular MSc Bioinformatics course can apply for a distance learning option. Students will have the option to complete the course through this mode for a significantly lower cost than they would through the standard mode. If they received a minimum grade of 55% in their bachelor's degree in a related field, students can apply for admission to this programs. The merit list process is undoubtedly the basis for the procedure used to choose students for admission to the MSc Distance Education programs. The cost to enroll in the MSc Bioinformatics distance learning programs typically ranges from INR 12,550 to INR 45,850. After completing this course, students are eligible to apply for jobs in a variety of fields, including bioanalysis, clinical pharmacology, database design, etc."

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Course Overview

Bioinformatics MSc Admission to Distance Education
Admissions for the session 2023 of the Mitauna Edutech's distance-learning MSc in Bioinformatics have begun. Students can apply directly till 30 November 2023. The popular course bioinformatics demands concentration and time, yet distance learning simplifies the curriculum and allows for more casual study.

After completing the course, the student can work as a bioinformatics engineer in any centre for biological and molecular research. The Ph.D./M. Phil is also offered in this stream and is a higher degree in this specialization. There is also a method for online admission.

Additionally, one benefit of studying remotely is that admittance is straightforward. Since this is a master's course and completion with a Bachelor of Science is required, students must be eligible for the course.

Application for MSc Bioinformatics Online Education

Students can apply right away if they desire to pursue a Master of Science in Bioinformatics through distance learning. Filling out the application form is the first step in the admissions process for the course. The form is accessible on the institute's official website. The institute will proceed with the process after receiving the properly completed application.

Fees for Online MSc Bioinformatics Education

MSc Bioinformatics Distance Learning costs between INR 12,550 and INR 45,850 per year. In order to confirm the allotment, students who are applying for new admission must pay the price. Typically, a student pays the entire amount of fees all at once. Students who are having financial difficulties can also pay the price in instalments.

Bioinformatics MSc Criteria for Eligibility in Distance Education

A student who wishes to pursue an MSc in Bioinformatics remotely must have earned a bachelor's degree in a science-related field. He or she must have earned at least 50% in their undergraduate program, but SC/ST students receive a grade relaxation. Such students, who are enrolled in their final UG semesters and have taken exams, are anticipating

A student who wishes to pursue an MSc in Bioinformatics remotely must have earned a bachelor's degree in a science-related field. He or she must have earned at least 50% in their undergraduate program, but SC/ST students receive a grade relaxation. Such undergraduate students who have taken exams and are awaiting results in their final semesters of study may also submit an application for admission.

Benefits of Distance Learning for the MSc in Bioinformatics
Due to the lack of a set study timetable, these courses allow students the freedom of time management. This course's temporal relaxing component is its most advantageous. The pupils are not forced to focus on just their studies.
Low cost: This is a good, inexpensive course. Its total annual cost ranges from INR 12,550 to INR 45,850. The cost of the distance MSc program is lower than that of the traditional MSc.
Earn money while learning: In this program, the students can continue both their academics and regular activities at the same time. This course is being taken online.
All lectures and textbooks for this program are available to students online. The physical exam is not open to students.

Distance Education MSc Bioinformatics Syllabus

1st Year 2nd Year
Basic Mathematics Bioinformatics II
Computer fundamentals and Biostatistics Bioinformatics III
Biomolecules Database management System
Cell and Developmental Biology Recombinant DNA Technology
Practicals Java Programming
Bioinformatics Assignments/ Practical
Object Oriented Programming through ‘C++’ Project Work
Internet and Web-Based Programming (CGI PERL & HTML) Molecular Biology
Practicals Design and Analysis of algorithms

MSc Bioinformatics Distance Learning Proficiencies
Bioinformatics is used in contemporary biology and medicine to manage information. It offers brand-new, state-of-the-art techniques for interpreting the enormous amounts of data produced by genome sequencing. Today, it is both tremendously fascinating and difficult. Certain skills are required for this type of research job, including:

Effective communication skills
having good computing skills
Effective problem-solving skills
a practical understanding of technology and software

 types of jobs for a distance-learning MSc in bioinformatics
Associate Director - Clinical Data Management Team Leader - Pharmacovigilance Biostatistician Assistant Professor Bio/Pharmacy Informatics Associate Techno-Commercial Executive/Technical Executive Research Associate
Analyst in Bioinformatics
Trainer in bioinformatics; 'C' programmer in bioinformatics


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