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MSc Geography
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A 2-year postgraduate degree in the science stream is called a Master of Science in Geography. Geography is a field of study that examines how resources, elements, natural and man-made advancements, and much more are distributed. This course can be taken entirely online. Distance Admission to the MSc in Geography programs at the Mitauna Edutech is open. At numerous prestigious colleges in India, MSc Geography is given via distant education. after passing every semester exam in a minimum of two years, this master's degree in geography. The course can potentially be finished in a maximum of 4 years, though. Students who desire to become subject-matter specialists, geoanalyst trainees, professors of geography, or teachers should enroll in this programs.""

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Course Overview

Why a Geography MSc by Distance?
A professional degree programme, the distance MSc in Geography offers students a number of benefits and advantages. Some of the primary justifications for choosing an online MSc in geography include:
Recently, there has been an increased need for professionals who can foster a sense of place among their coworkers.
After enrolling in the course, students pay less than they would for a course taken in the traditional manner.
The predicted pay packages for applicants who choose to enrol in this programme are significantly greater than those of many other bachelor programmes.
Students who enrol in this course will improve their geographic knowledge, research abilities, etc.
The ability to cultivate kindness and nature will enable the pupils to assist those around them in any way they can.

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Admission 2023 for MSc in Geography via Distance Education
For the academic year 2023, applications are now being accepted for Mitauna Edutech's MSc Geography distance learning program. If you are interested in applying or require any information on the course, fill out the registration form on the internet page to register your name for admission.

Through the Mitauna Edutech's official website,, or the aforementioned form, our knowledgeable counsellors are accessible to respond to any questions students may have about their chosen course of study or vocation. Answers to the students' questions will be given in every conceivable way.

Bachelor's degree required for the Master of Science in Geography (BSc in Geography preferred). Students won't need to do anything because the admissions procedure can only be finished through the institution's official website.

Application Form for Distance Learning in MSc Geography
For those who desire to continue their education after earning a BSc or BA in geography, an application form is available. The necessary paperwork must be gathered by students in order to submit it online with the application form. Students must enter their names exactly as they appear on their certificate for the 10th grade. Before the deadline, they must submit an application for MSc Geography Distance Education admission.

Distance MSc Geography Admissions Requirements
The following are some significant requirements for admission to the MSc in Geography online program.

Admission to the Distance MSc in Geography requires an undergraduate degree with a minimum GPA of 45% to 50%.
Holders of an equivalent degree, such as a BA or BSc in geography, may apply for admission to distance learning institutions in India.
Admission to the Distance MSc in Geography requires an undergraduate degree with a minimum GPA of 45% to 50%.
Holders with an equivalent degree, such as a BA or BSc in geography, may apply for admission to distance learning institutions in India.
The university must be one that the UGC has approved.
No limit on applicants' ages.
Students must be at least 17 years old to apply.

MSc Geography Online Course Fees
The course price must be paid by interested students who wish to pursue a distance-learning MSc in geography. The typical cost of an MSc in geography is between INR 23,000 and INR 33,500 each year (however this amount may alter depending on demand at the university).

Distance learning for the MSc in Geography in India
Students can submit an application for admission to the Mitauna if they desire to pursue a Master of Science in Geography. The greatest alternative for students in India is Mitauna, which offers distance learning for the MSc in Geography. This course has a 2-year variation and can be finished in 4-years. The admission requirements are a bachelor's degree in geography.

Geography MSc Distance Syllabus

Year I

Year II

Evolution of Geographical Thought

Advanced Geography of India

Phsyical basis of geography

Population Geography

Priniciples and Theory of Economics Geography

Agricultural Geography (Elements & Applied)

Advanced Geography of Monsoon Asia (Choice)

Industrial Geography

Geography of Rural Development (Choice)

Transport Geography

Comparative Geography of USA and Russia (Choice)

Urban Geography

Geography of South Asian Countries (Choice)

Climatology and Oceanography

Advanced Regional Geography of West Europe (Choice)

Applied Geography

Man and Natural Environment (Choice) Pedology
Quantitative Techniques in Geography (Choice)

Political Geography

Distance Learning MSc Geography in Delhi/NCR
Numerous prestigious institutions in Delhi/NCR offer distance MSc degrees in geography. Students need to hold a BSc degree in order to enrol in this course. ODL courses are offered by the Mitauna Edutech, a renowned open and distance learning institution in Delhi/NCR. Over the past few years, distance learning courses have gained more and more traction. Students can complete their degrees without quitting their jobs. 

Geography MSc course content Distance Learning
Geography MSc Students who study remotely have access to a variety of career possibilities that can help them advance in their job. After enrolling in the course, students receive information about future climate, demographics, cartography, and other topics.

After completing their MSc in Geography distance learning program, students can pursue careers in a number of fields, including academia, the environment, demography, the climate record industry, etc. After completing the program, a candidate can expect to make an average salary of between INR 3,40,000 and INR 6,70,000.

Career Types

geography teacher

Trainee in Geo Analysis

Geoscience Instructor

Geographical subject matter expert

Creator of content for geography

Assistant Accountant

Technician for Geographic Information Systems

Executive in Business Development

Administration Trainee

Geographic Technician Senior

Leader of geographic expansion

Sales and marketing manager



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