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About Us

Mitauna Edutech Private Limited

The word “mitauna” means Eraser in Awadhi. The proposed company desire to provide educational services, erasing or resolving all problems face by students in studies. We are one of the fastest emerging Edutech company.

Our Vision

After new educational policy adopted by India in 2020 The Concept of traditional education has changed markedly. Now Being Physically present in a classroom isn’t the only learning option of education anymore. So now many educational Institution providing Online/Distance courses. For a student applying to a course for a safe and bright career is major decision. More than That is which institute has to be joined. You may have many options before you. But making lifetime career decision may confuse you a bit. There are many reasons why students trust and choose to study with us. They include our world- leading research, academic expertise and student support. We help you change and upgrade your life with our flexible way of learning from India’s top online and distance universities. We provide special training facilities by industrial experts, learn about skill sets required, the industry’s demands and work ethic and opportunity to put into practice what you learned.

Our Vision

Dr. Surjeet Singh, Managing Director and Founder of Mitauna, is a man who is deeply committed to his mission. He has been in this industry for around 5 years. He is very skilled at his job, and his vision is to change the current marketing techniques. He is an excellent leader who is constantly engaged with our clients across many industries to ensure that we are consistently providing the finest online marketing service possible. He is a visionary, an excellent orator, and a leader who understands corporate evolution and how to keep up with the industry.

Dr. Surjeet Singh

Managing Director

Dr. Gurudev Saini is the Director and Chief Operating Officer at Mitauna His brilliance is in the simplicity with which he approaches his work. He has been working in this industry for roughly 5 years. He is in charge of the day-to-day operations of this rapidly expanding industry. His attention to detail and leadership have been instrumental in the development of a methodical program. He excels at carrying out commercial procedures that provide customer value. His work approach is forward-thinking, which allows our organisation to compete with new marketing techniques. With his problem-solving ability, he assists Mitauna team members.

Dr. Gurudev Saini

Director & COO


How is Mitauna EduTech Private Limited different from others?

We at Mitauna EduTech Private Limited aspire to be your one-stop-solution for anything related to Higher Education Needs. We really believe that Selecting Right University matters for your better career. This means: -

We only list approved (UGC-DEB) Online and Distance Universities in India and let you compare all the universities available in these modes, all in one place.
You do not have to visit other websites or speak to other Counsellors. It's all here, on one platform.
We remove all jargon from approval details, course details, and explain everything in plain English.
Our experts like to keep it simple. They readily give advice, and do not force a certain University on you.