M.tech For Working Professional
Online / Distance

M.tech For Working Professional

  • 2 year
  • Online & Distance
  • ₹ 40000 per semester

M.Tech for Working Professionals is a postgraduate program of 2-years for engineering graduates. It is the course perfectly apt for the B Tech professionals who are working currently but have a zeal to go for higher education. As distance M.Tech is invalid, AICTE allowed universities to conduct M Tech for working professionals. M Tech program for working professionals is the course for the students who are currently employed in the industry.

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Course Overview

This AICTE endorsed course gives subtleties in different branches connected with designing. The subjects that you concentrated on in B Tech become your specializations in M.Tech. Know Reality - M Tech Distance Training Courses?

Accordingly, M.Tech affirmation For Working Experts for the understudies who love designing and need to acquire information about designing in each conceivable detail. M Tech course for working experts is a degree that speeds up a specialist's vocation as he would earn a higher college education while he will be there in his industry acquiring the experience. A level of M.Tech for experienced experts will assist a functioning specialist with getting a superior compensation bundle and advancement in the ongoing organization or a significant measure of climb whenever he changes to the following open doors. M.Tech. For Working Experts

M Tech Course For Working Professionals

  1. M Tech WILP (Integrated Learning Program)/m tech for working experts is the course that is endorsed by AICTE and is legitimate on conditions.
  2. Understudies with B Tech degrees are accessible to go to m tech for working experts in India.
  3. The program is intended for more profound information about a particular subject and examination in the subjects.
  4. Gives the adaptability to the BTech graduates to go for advanced education without leaving their present place of employment.
  5. This course helps the BTech and working experts to get advancements, significant compensation bundles, and more significant compensation rises.
  6. This course likewise paves the way for the understudies who need to get doctoral certificates like a Ph.D.

Syllabus of M.Tech For Working Professionals

Semester 1 Semester 2
Research Methodology Numerical Analysis
Advance Computer Networks & Simulation Data Mining & Warehousing
Advance Computer Networks & Simulation – Lab Data Mining & Warehousing – Lab
Semester 3 Semester 4
Parallel Computing & Architecture Wireless Data Networks
Digital Image Processing Agile Software Development Approaches
Information Security and Risk Management Bioinformatics
Software Metrics and Quality Engineering Distributed Computing Systems
Pattern Recognition and Analysis Advanced-Data Structure & Algorithms
Distributed Databases Wireless Data Networks Lab
Artificial Intelligence Agile Software Development Lab
Bioinformatics Lab
Distributed Computing Systems
Semester 5 Semester 6
Network Security Network Intrusion Detection
Unified Software configuration Management Software Project Management
Machine Learning Medical Image Analysis & Visualization
Cloud Computing Grid Computing
Natural Language and processing Evolutionary Methods

With the growing need for engineers and the intense rivalry in this industry, engineers who possess the necessary abilities for the specific job type are now given greater weight in the selection process. For any nation to have a knowledgeable and qualified labour force, engineers are essential. To minimise as much human efforts as possible, they are in charge of developing and improving the currently used technology as well as introducing new technology. After earning your bachelor's degree, you can pursue administrative and professional engineering careers by enrolling in an MTech programme. For working professionals looking to advance their status within an organisation, MTech is a possibility. A master's degree gives you the opportunity to concentrate in the technical area of your choice while also giving you an advantage over your peers.

IIT Delhi MTech for Professionals in the Workplace
For working professionals in India, IIT Delhi offers MS (Research) programmes in the part-time format under the MTech category. You have a total of 6 semesters, which can be increased to a maximum of 10, to finish the credit requirements for the part-time IIT MS (Research) and MTech programmes. Working professionals can enrol in sessions for IIT Delhi's MS (Research) programme from 8 to 10 in the morning and yet fulfil their obligations at their various jobs. For Indian working professionals, IIT Hyderabad also provides a part-time MTech in Data Science programme.

BITS Pilani MTech for Professionals in the Workplace
For working professionals, BITS Pilani also provides UGC-approved MTech programmes. These part-time MTech programmes are available for a variety of engineering and technology specialisations. The BITS Pilani MTech programmes for Working Professionals are listed below:


BITS Pilani MTech Duration Fees (per semester)
MTech Software Systems 2 years 55,000 INR
MTech Design Engineering 2 years 55,000 INR
MTech Embedded Systems 2 years 55,000 INR
MTech Software Engineering 2 years 55,000 INR
MTech in Manufacturing Management 2 years 55,000 INR

Part-time MTech For Working Professionals
For BTech graduates who are undecided about continuing their education or starting a career, distance learning schools in India provide MTech for working professionals. These are made to provide you a top-notch education no matter where you are. Additionally, MTech distance education programmes are the best for working professionals and those unable to attend full-time college studies because they offer the required study materials, online sessions, and weekend classes.

MTech Executive For Working Professionals
Even though this programme is still quite new, more and more institutions are including it in their academic curricula. Executive MTech for working professionals typically lasts for a year and is designed in such a way that these professionals can swiftly complete the degree course and return to their career. IITs have recently begun to provide a three-year part-time MTech degree for working professionals.

Weekend Schedules
These programmes are also provided by academic institutions where lessons are held on Saturdays and Sundays, making it simple for working adults to continue their education in addition to their jobs. These master's level programmes have been established to assist working professionals in juggling both their academic and professional obligations.

Popular MTech Specialization 

Let's look at some of the popular MTech specialisations:

  1. Thermal Engineering
  2. Computer Science
  3. Information and Technology
  4. Instrumentation and Control System
  5. Software Engineering
  6. Advanced Computing
  7. Power System
  8. Mechanical Engineering
  9. Electronics and Computer Engineering
  10. VLSI System Design
  11. Process Control and Instrumentation Engineering

MTech in India for Working Professionals
In India, there are a number of programmes for MTech for working professionals that allow graduates to continue their education while holding down a job. The top MTech programmes in India for professionals in the workforce are listed below:

  • MTech for Working Professionals at IIIT Kottayam
  • MTech and MBA (Working Professionals) at IIIT Hyderabad
  • MTech (Working Professionals) at IIIT Bangalore
  • Online ME/MTech Courses at Indian Institute of Industry Interaction Education and Research (IIIIER)
  • MTech Software Systems for Working Professionals at BITS Pilani
  • M.Tech (Web-Enabled) by Centre for Continuing Education (CCE)

Eligibility requirements for working professionals
If you want to apply for admission to the MTech programme for working professionals, you must meet the following requirements:

  • To be admitted, candidates must take the Common Entrance Test (CET), which is required by some Indian universities.
  • The applicants must have a valid CET score as well as a BTech or BE in a related discipline.
  • For executive or part-time MTech programmes geared toward working professionals, candidates with prior job experience are also preferred.

Specified Specializations
Similar to the BTech degree, the following are some of the MTech specialisations available to working professionals:

  1. Computer Science Engineering
  2. Mechanical Engineering
  3. Software Engineering
  4. VLSI System Design 
  5. Chemical Engineering 
  6. Process Control and Instrumentation Engineering 
  7. Thermal Engineering 
  8. Electrical Engineering
  9. Electronics and Communication Engineering
  10. Power Systems Engineering

India's Top MTech Universities for Working Professionals
There are numerous universities in India where you can pursue a part-time, weekend, or executive MTech for the aforementioned degrees. The best colleges and universities in India that provide MTech degrees for working professionals are listed below:

Institute Course Offered
NIT Jalandhar MTech in Industrial Engineering
Anna University M.E in Construction Engineering
and Management
Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai Master of Chemical Engineering
Delhi Technological University (DTU) MTech in Structural Engineering
IIT Mandi M.S. by Research in Electrical Engineering
UEM Kolkata MTech in Computer Science and Engineering

Career After MTech

Candidates typically choose one of two professional paths, such as industrial work or research. You can choose a field based on your professional objectives and the degree you currently possess. In elite companies from a variety of industries, including the IT sector, you can readily get higher level technical jobs. However, you can also continue your research into MTech and build a profession in this area. Higher level courses like a PhD can be pursued by persons who are interested in establishing a career in academia. However, the following are some of the well-known job titles and wages you can obtain with an MTech for working professionals. -

Job Profiles  Salaries 
Senior Engineer  3-12 Lakh
Project Manager 3- 18 Lakh
Software Developer  3-10 Lakh
Research Associate  3-9 Lakh 
Maintenance Manager 3-10.8 Lakh
Machinery  Engineer 4-15 Lakh


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